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Mini Cupcakes - $18.00 per dozen, 2 dozen minimum order, 1 flavor per 2 dozen.

Mini Cupcakes are available in most of our Whimsical Favorites Cupcake flavors and Seasonal Selection flavors. Great for parties!  We recommend 2 - 4 minis per person.  Appearance may vary slightly from our regular size cupcakes due to decorating space.  Shown here is our Red Velvet Chip.  ***Please note, our S'more is not available in mini's, only available in regular size. 

    Vanilla Milk Chocolate     Banana Supreme     Cookies & Cream
  Chocolate Celebration           Bunny (Carrot)   Mellow Yellow Lemon
      Salted Caramel             Chocolate Vanilla
             Strawberry Chunk
        (Available June - August)

Other Goodies - Cupcake Shooters, Cookie Pops, CupTarts, Brown Butter Crispies

Create your own Party - Select several items from our
Other Goodies and create your own special celebration.

Cupcake Shooters

Triple Chocolate Cupcake Shooters - These are the perfect size for a dessert table and go great with our mini cupcakes.  These Shooters are a combination of chocolate ganache, chocolate cupcake, and milk chocolate mousse.  They each come in a cute little plastic shooter accompanied by a silver plastic spoon. You don't have to do anything to serve other then put them out on your dessert table.  Approximately 2 inches high plus spoon height.  $27.00 per dozen.  Only sold in increments of one dozen.

Cookie Pops

Oreo Cookie Pops - Oreo cookies blended with cream cheese and dipped in white chocolate.  Each pop is hand rolled and hand dipped. Comes on a lollipop stick for easy eating. $2.25 each, minimum order is 1 dozen.


Key Lime Pie Mini CupTarts.  Perfect for a dessert table for  your summer entertaining.  Our cute little Mini CupTarts are about the size of our Mini Cupcakes.  Baked in a graham cracker crust, key lime filling, with a torched meringue topping to finish them off.  $29 per dozen, sold in increments of a dozen.

Caramel Milk Chocolate CupTarts - CupTarts are our version of a tart baked in a regular size cupcake shell.  This one has a bottom layer of caramel, overflowing with a milk chocolate mousse and topped with more caramel and milk chocolate shavings. Your friends and guests will love these!  $2.75 per tart, minimum order 1 dozen.

Chocolate Ganache CupTart - A creamy semi-sweet chocolate ganache sprinkled with chocolate flakes and served in a CupTart shell.  Melts in your mouth.  Chocolate lovers will swoon over these.  $2.75 per tart, minimum order 1 dozen.


Brown Butter Crispies

Brown Butter Crispies - Our take on an old favorite - Rice Krispies Treats.  Made with brown butter and Madagascar pure vanilla and striped with white chocolate.  Bet you can't eat just one!  Approximately 3" high.  $1.50 each with a minimum order of 1 dozen.

 Fall Crispies Holiday Crispies