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Whimsical Favorites - $34 per dozen plus delivery fee, select up to 2 flavors/dozen.  Additional cupcakes can be ordered in increments of 1/2 dozen, 1 flavor per 1/2 dozen.

Vanilla Milk Chocolate - Vanilla cupcake with a creamy milk chocolate frosting and a splash of multi-colored sprinkles.  Everyone's all-time favorite.

Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle - Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting rolled in vanilla sprinkles.  One of our most popular.

Chocolate Chocolate Sprinkle - Chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting rolled in chocolate sprinkles.  Big brother to Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle.  This one's for all the chocolate lovers.

Chocolate Chocolate Crunch - Dark chocolate cupcake with rich dark chocolate frosting and topped with Valrhona crunchy pearls.  Something a little different.

Peanut Butter Kiss - Peanut Butter cupcake with a peanut butter glaze and topped with a swirl of milk chocolate frosting.  Who could resist.

Red Velvet Chip - Moist Red Velvet cupcake with chocolate chips in the cupcake and smothered with lots of smooth cream cheese frosting and more chocolate chips.  Our twist on an old Southern favorite.

Strawberry Delight - Dark chocolate cupcake drenched in chocolate ganache and topped with a swirl of strawberry buttercream.  Better than a chocolate strawberry.

Cookies & Cream - Vanilla cupcake with oreo cookie chunks baked into the batter.  Covered with an oreo crumble infused buttercream and topped with chunks of oreo and a mini oreo cookie.  No oreo lover can resist!

Chocolate Vanilla Splash - Dark chocolate cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting splashed with chocolate ganache stripes and chocolate sprinkles.  No two cupcakes look alike.

Heart of Marshmallow - A real sweetie!  Dark chocolate cupcake with a layer of home-made marshmallow enrobed in chocolate ganache and topped off with a pink fondant heart.

Banana Supreme - Banana cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache and topped off with a layer of cream cheese frosting.  Great blend of flavors.

Bunny (Carrot) - Moist carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting that will stop any bunny in its tracks.  Little cream cheese carrot on top will keep all bunnies hoping in this direction.

Coconut Snowball - Coconut in the cupcake, cream cheese frosting and a snowstorm of coconut on top.  You'll find a touch of almond flavoring in this one.

Vanilla Celebration - Yummy yellow cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting and topped with colorful sprinkles.  Great for a birthday or any celebration.

Chocolate Celebration - Dark chocolate cupcake with creamy vanilla frosting and topped with colorful sprinkles.  Goes great with Vanilla Celebration.  Get half a dozen of each flavor when you order a dozen.

Chocolate Chocolate Celebration -  We didn't want to disappoint our chocolate lovers, so we created the Chocolate Chocolate Celebration.  We already offer the Chocolate Celebration with chocolate cupcake and vanilla frosting, but we didn't have a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.  So here it is, our Chocolate Chocolate Celebration! 

Mellow Yellow Lemon - Lemon cupcake frosted with lemon buttercream and topped off with a lemon jelly bean.  Bits of lemon zest dance in every mouthful.

Chocolate Cream Cheese - Dark chocolate cupcake with our yummy cream cheese frosting and a sprinkling of fine chocolate flakes.

Chocolate Ganache Sprinkle - Dark chocolate cupcake dipped in our semi-sweet chocolate ganache and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles.  Triple chocolate treat.

S'more - A tempting combination of chocolate cupcake with graham cracker crust, infused with a chocolate ganache core, more ganache spread on top,  smothered with homemade toasted marshallow and topped off with milk chocolate candy.  Ready for a campfire or any celebration.  Only available in regular size, no mini's.

Salted Caramel - Moist brown sugar cupcake with caramel swirled through the cupcake batter.  Frosted with caramel buttercream, drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with sea salt.  For all you sweet and salty lovers out there, this can't be beat!

Vanilla Dark Chocolate - Vanilla cupcake with a creamy dark chocolate frosting and a splash of multi-colored sprinkles. Related to our Vanilla Milk Chocolate, only with our dark chocolate frosting.

Strawberry Chunk - Vanilla Cupcake with chunks of strawberry baked into the batter.  Topped with strawberry frosting and a pink heart.  Great summer treat for all strawberry lovers.  Available June through August.

Wedding Cupcake - Vanilla Cupcake frosted with your choice of cream cheese or vanilla buttercream frosting and topped with a fondant initial of the new couple's last name.  Available all months of the year.  Ask about our individual Wedding Guest Favor containers. Standard size only, fondant initial not available in mini size.

Gender Reveal Baby Shower - Vanilla or Chocolate cupcakes with either vanilla or chocolate frosting.  We'll place a fondant yellow baby duckie on top (very non-gender specific).  The surprise reveal comes when your guests bite into the cupcake and find either pink for a baby girl or blue for a baby boy. 

Easter Cross Cupcake - Choice of Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcake with lavender colored buttercream and a white fondant cross.  Available March and April.

Green Velvet - Green Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and green stripes..  A close relative to our Red Velvet Chip, but green and no mini chocolate chips.  Available during month of March.

Chocolate Shamrock - Chocolate cupcake with  light green cream cheese frosting and a green shamrock.  Available during the month of March. 

Vanilla Shamrock - Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream and a green shamrock.  Available during the month of March.

Chocolate Heart Valentine - our Chocolate cupcake with pink buttercream and topped off with two pink hearts.  Available during the month of February.

Valentine Vanilla Sprinkle - our Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle cupcake with a pink heart.  Available during the month of February.

Valentine Red Velvet Chip - our Red Velvet Chip cupcake, but with a red heart decoration for Valentine's Day.  Available during the month of February.

Pumpkin Spice - Yummy Pumpkin Spice cupcake topped with spice infused cream cheese frosting and an orange pumpkin decoration.  Great for all the Fall holidays.  Available September through December.

Apple Spice - Spice cupcake with shredded apple inside and spiced cream cheese frosting on top. A red fondant apple to finish it off.  Available November and December.

Christmas Red Velvet Chip - Our Red Velvet Chip cupcakes all decked out for the holidays with the addition of their green Christmas trees. Available during the month of December.

Vanilla Vanilla Holiday Sprinkle - our Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake covered in red, green, and white sprinkles.  Great for any holiday occasion.  Available during the month of December.

Chocolate Peppermint - Chocolate cupcake with peppermint infused creamy chocolate buttercream and topped with crunchy pieces of peppermint.  Available during December and January.

Classic Assortment - 3 Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle, 3 Chocolate Chocolate Crunch, 3 Red Velvet Chip and 3 Chocolate Cream Cheese.  Available all year. 

Birthday Assortment - for that special occasion.  Assortment includes 3 Vanilla Celebration with white frosting, 3 Chocolate Celebration with pink frosting, 3 Vanilla Celebration with blue frosting, and 3 Chocolate Chocolate Celebration.  Candles are included!

Baby Shower Celebration Assortment - One dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with your choice of blue, pink, or yellow buttercream and topped with a cute little yellow duckie.

Valentine Assortment - 6 Red Velvet Chip, 3 Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle and 3 Chocolate with pink buttercream, each topped off with heart decorations.  You sweetie will love this sweet treat!  Available during the month of February.

St. Patrick's Day Trio Assortment - featuring Green Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  A close relative to our Red Velvet Chip, but green and no mini chocolate chips.  Our new St. Patrick's Day Assortment offers 6 Green Velvet, 3 Chocolate with with light green cream cheese frosting and green shamrock and 3 Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream topped with a green shamrock. Available during month of March.

Easter Assortment - 3 Vanilla cupcakes with pink buttercream and Easter Egg decoration, 3 Chocolate with green cream cheese frosting and pink Bunny decoration, 3 Bunny (Carrot) with cream cheese frosting and carrot decoration and 3 Chocolate with blue buttercream and Chick decoration.  Available March and April.

Mother's Day Assortment - 3 of our Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle, 3 Heart of Marshmallow with MOM spelled out in pink, 3 Chocolate Cream Cheese with chocolate flakes and 3 Mellow Yellow Lemon with a Yellow Heart.  Available during the month of May.

Graduation Assortment - 3 Chocolate Chocolate Sprinkle, 6 Red Velvet Chip with graduation cap decoration, and 3 Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle.  All ready for your Grad to celebrate their big day!

Father's Day Assortment - 3 Peanut Butter Kiss, 3 Vanilla Vanilla, 3 Vanilla Milk Chocolate and 3 Chocolate Cream Cheese. Dad will love the Tie decoration on these. Available during the month of June.

Stars and Stripes Assortment - Nothing better than red, white, and blue for this holiday. And we have just what you need with our Stars and Stripes Assortment. Six Red Velvet Chip with their usual red stripes, 3 Vanilla Vanilla Sprinkle with a gold star and 3 Lemon with a blue star on lemon cream cheese frosting. Can't think of a better way to celebrate! Available during the month of July.

Halloween Assortment - Six chocolate cupcakes topped with dark chocolate buttercream and white ghost decorations and six vanilla cupcakes topped with orange buttercream and black bat decorations.  No tricks here, only treats!

Monsters & Spider Webs Halloween Assortment.  What could be cuter than these little Vanilla Cupcake Monsters with orange tinted buttercream.  They are all decked out for your Halloween party with bright candy eyes and their cherry licorice antennae, they don't miss a trick or a treat. They bring along Chocolate Spider Web Cupcakes covered in our dark chocolate frosting with an orange spider web.  Seems a chocolate candy got caught in the web and is waiting for you to rescue it. Better hurry, it needs to be rescued by the end of October.  Assortment only available in regular size cupcakes.

Fall Assortment - Six of our new Apple Spice cupcake topped with spiced cream cheese and a red fondant apple, 3 of our ever popular Salted Caramel with caramel buttercream frosting, and 3 of our Pumpkin Spice with spiced cream cheese frosting and an orange fondant pumpkin. Available during the months of November and December.

Thanksgiving Assortment - Three each of Spice cupcake with spiced buttercream, Chocolate Chocolate cupcake with turkey decoration, Vanilla Vanilla with a fall leaf, and Pumpkin Spice with spiced cream cheese frosting and an orange pumpkin on top.  Available during the month of November.

Holiday Celebration Assortment - Three each of Chocolate Peppermint, Coconut Snowball, Red Velvet Chip, and Vanilla Celebration.  Available December and January.

Snow Angel Assortment - With 3 of our Vanilla Snow Angels, 3 Vanilla Holiday Wreaths, and 6 Chocolate Green/Red Sprinkles.